Drive a new car every year

Don't get stuck in a long lease with just 1 car. Drive what you want at a smarter price with the freedom to easily switch to your next car when you want.

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Drive what you want.
Change when you choose.
Experience a Variety

You can drive the variety of brands and models you’ve always wanted but never could because traditional car leasing just doesn't work that way. Enjoy a new car every year or as often as you're ready for a change. Unlike traditional car ownership, you are not confined to one car for years on end.

Smarter Simpler Pricing

You'll pay a simple clear price with a lower cost of ownership than an old fashioned long-term lease. Don't worry about high depreciation, hidden fees, or any haggling. Your price includes roadside assistance, maintenance, and even cleaning services.

Concierge Service

Your car is delivered and picked up at your convenience and is yours to drive every day for as long as you’d like. Our team is available to assist our members on every mile of their journey.

Members Only

Shifft is a network for drivers who share an appreciation for the luxury car experience. Approved applicants can purchase a membership and gain access to any available car in the Shifft collection.

Car Packages
Choose your Shifft experience.
4 Car Playlist

Pick 4 cars and enjoy each one over the next year. Every 3 months, we'll drop off the next one on your list. Driving 4 different brands and model like this would traditionally be a frustrating, time consuming and very expensive process. Shifft makes is a simple unique experience that won't break the bank.

Car of the Year

Don't get stuck with 1 car and long a 3-year lease. Experience a fresh car every 12 months and easily move onto the next one whenever you're ready. One annual car switch is included and you always have the option to switch sooner if you like.

Get monthly updates on our newest cars and packages
We'll never give your contact info to anyone.

How SHIFFT Works

The Shifft experience gives you convenient access to the cars of your choice without the long commitments and complexities of the traditional car leasing and owning.


Step 1

Become a Member

Start the process online by answering some questions to help us understand your car style and preferences.

If approved, you can purchase a membership to reserve a car seat in the Shifft collection.


Step 2

Select Your First Car

Members can choose from a variety of brands at a smarter price. We specialize in the top luxury brands including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. Pick a car and schedule your delivery.

Your car will be delivered directly to you by a concierge and it's yours to drive every day.

Get Started


Step 3

Shifft To Your Next Car

Whenever you’re ready, select your next car from a wide selection that matches your style and preferences. Schedule the switch a few weeks in advance without any frustrating negotiation and complex financing.

Your car will be picked up and your next car will be delivered directly to you just like the first one. Start driving.

* Waitlist Only / No Commitments


Our top brands and models.


3 Series




E-Class Coupe

Also Available
Get monthly updates on our newest cars and packages
We'll never give your contact info to anyone.

About Us

The Shifft experience is built by drivers for drivers. Shifft members have the freedom to choose a car they love, drive it every day and then easily move onto the next one whenever they're ready for change while still paying less than a traditional new car lease.

The old-fashioned auto sales industry is built on an outdated system of dealers, salespeople, commissions, and fees. It is a frustrating experience with complex transactions, high depreciation, uncomfortable interactions, hidden fees, and long restrictive commitments.

Shifft is not traditional. We are an exclusive car subscription system that offers our members a luxury experience with the freedom and flexibility to choose what they drive and change when they want.

Common Questions

How long is a subscription?
A standard subscription lasts 24 months, after which you can choose to continue on a month-to-month basis or end your membership for a full refund. Our team does their best to ensure that Shifft is always meeting your needs, but if you need to terminate your membership for any reason, we simply ask for 3 months advance notice.
How long does delivery take?
Delivery times range from 1 to 3 weeks depending on your chosen car’s market availability. Your concierge will coordinate car pickup and delivery and keep you up-to-date on its status.
How much does it cost to switch to my next car?
A membership includes one switch every year. If you’d like to switch more often, you can opt to pay a $500 transition cost. Simply update your driver profile with your preferences and pick a car that meets your needs. A Shifft concierge will help you coordinate the switch and deliver your car directly to you within 3 weeks.
How do I make my monthly payments?
Monthly payments are accepted by credit card. Memberships must be purchased with a traditional bank payment method.
What cities is Shifft available in?
Shifft is based in Philadelphia and we will be expanding to New Jersey and Washington DC later this year.