Mercedes E-Class Shifft Premium Config
2017 $540 Per Month
2018 $590 Per Month
2019 $670 Per Month

All Plans Include:

10 Day Test Drive

Simple Clear Pricing

Easy Shifft to next car

Concierge Delivery

E-Class / Shifft Premium Config

Mercedes E-Class

Shifft Premium Config

Shift Standard Configuration
Delivered in 1-3 weeks


Top Luxury Brands

We specialize in the top luxury brands including Audi, BMW & Mercedes. Choose from a wide selection of the most popular models and trims.

Freedom to Change

Switch to your next car whenever you're ready for it. You're not stuck with 1 car for 5 years. Just plan a few weeks in advance and we'll get you the next car that you'll love to drive.

No Hidden Fees or Expenses

You just pay for car insurance and gas. That price includes roadside assistance, monthly car washes, pick up and delivery, and 1 free switch every year.

A Smarter Price For Luxury

You don't pay for an overpriced new car. You can drive the luxury car you want with a lower cost of ownership.

We're with you every mile

Shifft is not a 1-time transaction like leasing or buying. It is a relationship and an ongoing experience for members and the cars in the collection.

Everything is taken care of

Your concierge will take care of all the details. Cars are delivered and picked up at your convenience. We'll also take care of the pickup and return for regular maintenance on your schedule. You just do the driving.

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Common Questions

How long does delivery take?
Delivery times range from 1 to 3 weeks depending on your chosen car’s market availability. Your concierge will coordinate car pickup and delivery and keep you up-to-date on its status.
How are the prices of each car calculated?
Each car's monthly cost is calculated based on its current market value and the expected 12-month value based on depreciation data for the brand & model year.
How do Shifft car costs compare to traditional leasing and buying.
While Shifft cars' overall monthly cost of ownership is comparable to that of traditional car ownership, we protect our members from long, restrictive commitments and the inflated value of new cars. In most cases, our members can choose the model of their car, significantly lowering their costs when compared to buying at a dealership.