While Shifft cars' overall monthly cost of ownership is comparable to that of traditional car ownership, we protect our members from long, restrictive commitments and the inflated value of new cars. In most cases, our members can choose the model of their car, significantly lowering their costs when compared to buying at a dealership.
Shifft is uniquely different than the existing car sales and leasing industry. Traditional auto sales treat customers as a one-time transactions. Shifft offers its members an ongoing relationship with our network of specialists throughout their car experience. Our members comprise an exclusive community of luxury car drivers who get access to the cars they love to drive at a smarter everyday price.
A standard subscription lasts 24 months, after which you can choose to continue on a month-to-month basis or end your membership for a full refund. Our team does their best to ensure that Shifft is always meeting your needs, but if you need to terminate your membership for any reason, we simply ask for 3 months advance notice.
Shifft car insurance essentially works the same way it does in a traditional long-term car lease. You can choose a full coverage policy through your own insurance company or use one of our recommended partners.
All Shifft cars are premium trim levels, well equipped, and include essential features. We do not carry "base" models in our collection. Each car is unique and additional features and styling upgrades are available for many cars.
You have 14 days to enjoy the car and if it's not right for you then we'll get you another one. As a Shifft member, you will always drive a car you love.
All cars are 2017-2019 model years with 2020 models coming soon.
Delivery times range from 1 to 3 weeks depending on your chosen car’s market availability. Your concierge will coordinate car pickup and delivery and keep you up-to-date on its status.
New applicant's waitlist times vary depending on your car preferences and market available. The ongoing COVID epidemic has severely disrupted the car market increased wait times. Setup your driver profile and we will be able to give you an indication of your expected wait time.
A membership includes one switch every year. If you’d like to switch more often, you can opt to pay a $500 transition cost. Simply update your driver profile with your preferences and pick a car that meets your needs. A Shifft concierge will help you coordinate the switch and deliver your car directly to you within 3 weeks.
You can cancel your membership by contacting your concierge, who will guide you through the cancellation process. We ask for 3 months advance notice to process the request, but membership cancelations can be completed sooner depending on your car and its demand within the Shifft network.
Monthly payments are accepted by credit card. Memberships must be purchased with a traditional bank payment method.
Shifft is based in Philadelphia and we will be expanding to New Jersey and Washington DC later this year.
Each car's monthly cost is calculated based on its current market value and the expected 12-month value based on depreciation data for the brand & model year.
Once we’ve approved an applicant, they can purchase a membership for $6000. This is not a fee, but rather the cost of reserving a driver’s seat in the Shifft network, which has a limited number of seats. Memberships are transferable to other drivers and will be completely refunded upon the termination of a membership.
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